Print Fleet Management
A range of ideal products for Home, Office and Print Shops

Let us help you take control of your print costs with our Print Management Software.  Software included with all of our Print Solutions allows you to centrally manage your print fleet, regardless of the manufacturer or number of devices.  The benefit of Print Management Tools include:

  • Proactive supplies alerts resulting in the right consumables ordered every time and ‘just in time’,  reducing costly supply inventory
  • Smart analytics to accurately calculate replacement requirements based on your use
  • Proactive service status alerts and event occurrence automatically provide technicians with troubleshooting information to speed up resolution time
  • Simplifies supply ordering process with a “Hands off” approach to managing supplies

Advanced Management options include the ability to:

Analyze printing habits of employees to uncover workflow inefficiencies and high-cost printing activities

Create automated sets of rules and guidelines that ensure print jobs are directed to the most cost-effective printer

Track, allocate and bill each print job to the appropriate client or job

Secure sensitive documents and prevent them from sitting unattended in printer trays