Phone Systems
A range of ideal products for Home, Small & Medium-sized Businesses

INS has partnered with Fibernetics, a competitive local exchange carrier, to offer the NEWT Managed PBX phone system. This cost-effective solution guarantees simple installation and unsurpassed reliability, all while saving businesses up to 80% on their existing monthly telecom costs.  It’s the perfect solution to support ‘work from anywhere’ for your employees.

NEWT PBX – End to End Solution eliminates the need for business phone lines and their associated costly per month overhead charges. The private Fibernetics Network infrastructure provides optimal voice and data services for businesses across Canada, meaning NEWT services do not transverse over the public internet, and thus they avoid all related security and reliability issues of that technology. NEWT offers 24/7 technical support to maximize your business efficiency. Our implementation partner creates a seamless transition during the installation process in addition to providing ongoing customer support.

A 10 minute conversation to get an overview of your number of phone lines and desk phones is all that is required to prepare a quote and summary return on investment of potential savings.