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Copier Solutions

  • Still printing on a laser printer?
    Cut your imaging costs in half by printing to a new Konica Minolta Multi Function product.
  • Tired of buying expensive toners?
    Konica Minolta pioneered the use of new Polymer Toner which costs about half that of conventional toner.
  • Is your current equipment costing
    you an arm and a leg
    Our new more efficient systems require far less service than older conventional models, saving money not to mention time.
  • Missing out on scan to email?
    Konica Minolta solutions all come standard with scan to email and scan direct to file.
  • Does Konica Minolta offer small printers?
    Konica Minolta is able to offer a large variety of different colour as well as black & white devices. In addition to that they won the BLI award “Line of the year 2014” four years in a row. The bizhub 3320 for example is a powerful multi functional black & white laser printer with colour scan and many more features.
  • Do you want to compare key features in a side by side overview over different copier models?
  • Just let us know what your key features are and which models you want us to compare with. We will provide you asap with the information you need. You are just a call or email away.
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Mailing Solutions

  • Tired of paying too much for ink?
    Using HP technology, Neopost Mailing Solutions cost up to 60% less than competitive equipment.
  • Advantages of a mailing machine!
    Save up to 25% in postage
    Eliminate trips to the post office
    Save time and money through automation
    Faster mail delivery
  • Aware of your postage expenses?
    Neoposts “my neopost” can help you to control your costs in real-time with on-demand online access. Simply export your reports into Excel.
  • Now there is a choice!
    Neopost is the fastest growing Mailroom Solutions provider in the world!
  • Why Neopost?
    Neopost was founded in 1924 and stands for 90 years of growth and successs. It is ranked #1 in Europe and #2 worldwide in terms of mailroom equipment and logistics systems.
  • Is your mailing machine to slow?
    When you are tired of manually hand feeding your mailing machine do not hesitate to contact us. There are several options available to automate this process which will just take a couple of seconds instead of minutes.

Folder Solutions


  • Tired of hand folding and inserting invoices?
    Let INS Inc. show you how automation can get the job done more than 10 times faster.
  • Want to save time and money?
    Eliminate expensive labour costs by up to 80% through automation. The return on investment is incredibly high. Let us do the math for you.
  • Combining Folder/Inserter with mailing machine?
    Impossible? No, it is not! Neopost is able to connect your Folder/Inserter with your mailing solution to make your work life easier and more efficient.
  • Missing out on new or repeat business?
    No envelope should leave your office without a promotional piece. Neopost folders can automatically insert marketing material into your outgoing mail.
  • Using a Folder/Inserter?
    Two steps in one! It doesn’t matter what kind of envelope or paper you’re using the intelligent folder/inserter systems from Neopost are able to help you in your every day work life to make it easier, faster and more efficient.