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Product Description

Panaboard provides two main functions: to record information written on the board during a meeting, and to expand the scope of meetings and presentations with PC linking. The benefits offered by these functions will bring dramatic changes to your company's communications.

After a meeting, Panaboard scans and prints out the information written on the board. This eliminates the need for taking notes during the meeting so everyone can concentrate on the discussion. Printouts of the board's information accurately convey the content to people who could not attend. This also prevents problems from mistakes in taking notes.

With Panaboard, you simply press a button at the end of the meeting, and the information written on the board is scanned by a large-scale scanner, and saved on an SD Memory Card or USB flash memory device directly, or printed out on the spot from the built-in printer. Stored data on the memory card or flash memory device can be sent from a PC, so people who weren't able to attend can still share the information, quickly and accurately.

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